Travel for Personal Growth

I remember sitting in English class at High School listening to Mr White discussing personal growth. The topic became a theme that resulted in several essays and long classroom discussions. Personal growth certainly seemed important to me at the time, but as the years have gone by personal growth is becoming even more important to me. The quality of life is impacted by our outlook on life and daily attitude. I tend to be very hard on myself and notice the deficiencies in myself and the world around me. Attending school or work becomes a grey experience seemingly dominated with opportunities for misfortune. Over the years I have been able to realise how silly this attitude is and how it limits opportunities for enjoyment and growth.

It can sometimes take an enforced period of reflection to expand my field of view and gain perspective. Travel wrenches me from the everyday experience and gives me time to reflect on how I am approaching life and whether my actions are making me happy. This timeout helps me to reset and focus on the people and activities that are important to me. The other amazing benefit of travel is that you witness for yourself just how positive, creative and peaceful most people are. If you watch the news or read newspapers, even with a critical mind, it is very difficult not be depressed by the state of humanity. The facts of the world are filtered through information providers that have a political position and a need to generate profits. The result over time is that the exposure to sensationalist content distorts our view of reality. Being a witness to the silent majority is a wonderful antidote.